• Farmed materials are worth considerably more from the off set of an expansion than waiting for a few weeks later. You’ll be able to make as much money as you can with hardly any work for the first few weeks of you have any of the tradesmen i.e. fisherman or herbalist. Everyone will require harvested produce in massive quantity while they improve their skilled professions. Note that there will be a lots of people harvesting for themselves but even so, there will be a high demand on the AH.

One strategy is to seek a price where everything you list gets sold quickly in 24-48 hours. But remember, your price should not be the lowest price on the AH and in fact, you probably want to increase your base line price instead of lowering it. I’d suggest you use a price where you’re much lower than any huge quantities that have been posted, and dismiss the really low auctions. This means they will get purchased quickly. Another warcraft strategy I’ve experienced work is to post all your stock at a very expensive price — like 49% above the average, and then wait for someone vying for a realm achievement clean out the AH totally.

If you have a skilled trade profession, ignore any urge to farm for yourself. You’d be better off separate any decision between farming goods or using already farmed goods. Note, If you decide to use leather, or fish in the first month on your trades, remember that you sourced and farmed it yourself, you could have sold it for lots of gold, which means it will have cost you what you could have sold it for so think about your warcraft gold strategies carefully.

Think of it this way, you can farm 50 stacks of leather on week one and use it to balance your leather worker towards the new cap. Or you could sell the stacks, hold the gold for several weeks, and buy up to 100 stacks with it once the price goes down. There’s good strategy for you to farm early and craft later!

  • Being able to get from level 75 to level 90 made me almost 10k gold, without touching the AH. Quest rewards, selling material on the AH, vendoring unused quest rewards was significant towards this. Obviously, Playing the game is something that creates a lot of gold, and because all these resources are inflated at every expansion you can expect even more gold getting to 90. Many don’t appreciate these gains because they spend it as fast as they earn it but don’t forget it’s there.

Also, just playing the game will create spirits harmony which can be used for personal profit by getting additional profession cool downs or resources once you get a crafting skill to its highest level. These items are random drops from when you kill things, but not tradable.

  • Another great tip usually not thought about is to watch where you spend your gold. My experience on focusing buying power to achieve more bang for my buck can involve forgoing things and be an effective strategy.

For example, if you want to hoard mounts, level professions, and get into end-game PvE crafted gear. If you have a set budget, you may only be able to do one of these well. If you spend your money as you get it, without prioritising you’ll feel like you did worse off than if you prioritized your overall goals and targeted your attention and money on one, for example, one that could assist you in achieving the other goals such as leveling and reselling Minipets. This can be a very good money earning strategy that you could use to subsidize, for example, raiding gear or crafting professions.

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