The X-elerated Warcraft leveling guide has a unique but simple technique for calculating the best WoW leveling strategy which is primarily a combination of solo-questing and grinding.

Firstly the guide calculates optimized leveling routes when solo-questing based on a simple formula which is as follows:

XP gained from each quest divided by the total amount of time it takes to complete each quest!

This simple formula allows for the guide to calculate the most optimized leveling route for your class.

The second part of the X-elerated guides leveling strategy is good fashioned grinding which is where I felt the guide started to lose credibility!

For me grinding is not only boring but doesn’t offer that much benefit at least until later levels where you can wipe out mobs fast with combos and powerful abilities!

In fairness the X-elerated Warcraft add-on was fairly stable with minimal glitches and was obviously compliant with Blizzards terms of service.

As with most in-game add-ons the guide continually updates itself and will track your progress and calculate whether or not you’re still following the optimized leveling route which has to be said run really well compared to other WoW leveling add-ons available.

For me the X-elerated Warcraft Guide faltered slightly in terms of performance for power leveling in WoW.

The grinding aspect of the guide was slightly over-emphasized but did provide some benefit for leveling purposes although I was advised to start grinding as early as level three which really made no sense to me at all.

The guides process for calculating your questing route is simple but effective and is without doubt going to help you to power level in World of Warcraft when solo-questing.

So can you really level a character in under 4 days played time?

We never managed to but we only tested it on one character! It took us just under 8 days played time which still isn’t bad considering we had to learn how to navigate and use the guide.